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Having an unique business model, we chose to start-up by offering free Earth Rhythm Wellness Workshops (Drum Gardens and more) to our hyper-local community organizations such as for special needs teens and adults, social services, day programs, and more. Our ticketed events (and your reviews) can help us to continue low-cost events and the supplying of share-instruments with such groups.  Thank you!!!


Check for Public Spiritual Wellness Workshop Tickets Now


Earth Rhythm Workshops Semi-Private/NO Tickets

General Wellness, Community-Building, Rhythm & Drums


The ME Program

Meditation & Empowerment (ME) for Local Community First

Session Runs Oct-Feb/Limited Enrollment
Sign-Up at Our Local Workshops and Confirm or Pass on Enrollment Choice in October
We are wired for meditation. It is our greatest resource for self-help, and by helping ourselves, we can better help others! Here, you can learn how "normal" breathe awareness, meditation, and ritual can be.
You have an innate ability. We'd love to help you activate it!

Books (on Amazon)

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Great care is taken to both reflect truthful author voice and spiritual modality as well as  the validation of spiritual modalities within a wide audience. Though topics may be specific, all books are interspiritual and validate the chosen paths of others.

Your book reviews are appreciated! Review Here.

Our Most Recent News

Welcome to Earth Intern!

About Sue George 

I live in a way that I never thought possible.


If someone would have suggested to me that living free of trauma and imposter syndrome was possible, I would not have believed them.  Now, I caution others not to give too much power and permanency to such disempowering feelings and personal beliefs.


If someone suggested that radical self-care would lead to greater love for community, I might not have believed that either. Some things need to be experienced to be understood, but all those.


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Sue George, Playing Djembe
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