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Facilitator Self-Care: Letting Go 

Susan George
May 10, 2024
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“...your recovery time (from feeling disempowered to realizing your power) becomes much faster. That recovery time is super-important for effectiveness if you’re out there conducting spiritual wellness classes or workshops!”

#facilitator #selfcare #detachment #LearningandTeaching

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Why It Makes Sense to Point a Personal Empowerment Program to Hunger Relief

● a brief explanation of what meditation is, and what empowerment is, and how it is your right and your natural ability to empower yourself into being your best self through meditation, 
● why it makes profound sense to point a meditation program to a hunger relief effort, 
● about monthly subscription to The ME Program, (enrollment changed in 2024/see website)
● about Fulfill of Monmouth and Ocean, and how it is way more than a food pantry!

#hunger #meditation

Note: This fundraiser is no longer active, but the article remains informative!

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