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Drum Garden Workshop
Resource Page

This page is specially created

for workshop participants and for

anyone interested in drum circles,

drums, and percussion!

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Group on Drums

Percussion & Things Info Gallery


Instruments which are likely to be seen and heard at drum circles will be added to this gallery from time to time.
Click an image, then click it again to read more about it.

Earth Intern's
Drum Garden Rhythm & Percussion Playlist
on YouTube


Ready for
Your First Drum Circle

You might choose to bring with you a hand drum (not traps / not a drum kit), a tambourine or other small percussion, homemade shakers, or sticks or claves. Many drum circles provide share-drums for newcomers. You might need to bring your own chair. Just ask questions before you head out! Drum folk are normally very happy to welcome and help newcomers.

The most important thing you can do is to know about drum circle etiquette. A few tips about etiquette can help to protect the drums from misuse, and it can protect everyone's fun and enjoyment too!

Local Resources

The resources listed in the table below are not directly affiliated. 
They may be useful for those who are interested in exploring more about drums and percussion,
and/or drum circles, lessons, dance, and related festivities and arts.
(Earth Intern does not receive compensation for these listings.)
Touch Mother Earth Nonprofit
Bringing The Outside In with innovative events brought to the challenged community
Festivals, Workshops, Streamed Learning, more
Middletown, NJ
Mosaic Music Therapy
Rehabilitation Services
Music Therapy, Music-Centered Neuro-Rehabilitation & Developmental Services for all ages
Sea Girt, NJ
ARTDRUM/Greg Hochman
"Serving the music, healing arts & educational communities since 2002"
Percussion Store, resources, more
Belle Mead, NJ

Benefits of Drumming & Rhythm
Unaffiliated Links/Articles and Resources of Interest

How Learning to Drum Can Improve Your Health and Wellbeing
by Jim Donovan (Jim Donovan Training Programs)

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