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Drum Garden Workshops

Drum (and Percussion) Garden is a garden of instruments and friends customized for special needs teens and adults.

This program can encourage local volunteerism when hosted at community facilities.

It seeks to provide friendship
and build confidence through rhythm and the magic that is The Drum Circle.

Workshops are facilitated by Sue George (Earth Intern), who is also an Angelman Syndrome Mom.

Earth Intern may also partner with other facilitators.

Info (updated 10/2023)

*Free/Charitable Drum Garden Event Booking

(Ocean, Monmouth, Atlantic, Mercer Counties)


-Free events can only be booked by special organizations, charity clubs, spiritual communities, holistic or alternative health and wellness businesses and communities, traditional health communities and therapeutic facilities, houses of worship, day programs, humanitarian and charitable facilities, and similar facilities. Facilities must not discriminate and must welcome all identities when inviting their guests. 

-Facilities must encourage (but not require) community wellness participation such as food pantry collection, coat collection, community gardening, or other. Participants should understand that they have ways to be a help and to be an active part of their community.

-The facility representative is in charge of inviting their guests and providing for their guests.

-Choose from "Type A" Drum Garden (customizable workshop experience with "percussion stations," drum circle, and 2-3 group rotation), or "Type B" Drum Garden (single drum circle experience)

-Earth Intern provides charitable events close to home, and hometown bookings take priority. This is a small business and not a charity or non-profit, but Drum Garden Workshops are simply a pleasure to provide! For such reasons, booking-for-free outside of Ocean County is limited, not all requests can be honored, and there may be a waiting list.


Ticketed, Public Drum Garden Events

Hosted by Earth Intern

-Follow Earth Intern on Eventbrite. 


-Earth Intern is not a non-profit; It is a registered, for-profit business which seeks to consider community wellness before profit. Please understand that event facilities listed on Eventbrite are usually rented, they include many activity materials, and there must be a charge for these workshop tickets. 

-Please read the entire event description before purchasing your tickets.

-Most events will take place Spring-Early Autumn, beginning in 2024.

Earth Intern on Eventbrite 

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