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"Earth Rhythm"
Percussion Workshops

Options have changed in 2024! 

Workshops are typically available Spring-Autumn.

Earth Rhythm Percussion is now an umbrella term for all local (NJ) workshop options.

Private & Semi-Private / Limited Availability / FREE / Ocean County, NJ

"Drum Garden" Workshops

Susan George, Drum Circle, at PCTR
PCTR Special Needs Ministry; Drum Circle, Toms River

These are highly customizable drum circle experiences, which can include percussion-making, stress reduction, themed-rhythm games, and more in addition to a standard drum circle.  Events are formed through partnership with community organizers. (Many times, these events will not be photographed nor recorded in order to protect the  privacy of sensitive communities.) At this time, several total events are offered between Spring and late Summer.  Teen and adult groups for individuals with special needs, other community support organizations, and organizations working to fight hunger or to provide relief are eligible - if there is seasonal booking space. 

In 2024: Drum Circle & Percussion Games

In 2025: Drum Circle, Percussion Games, Stress Reduction, Percussion-Making Table (Customize Your Event with More Options)

Reach Out 

Participants may enjoy The Drum Garden Resource Page.

Drum Garden Start-Up Newsletter (2023) (Related Post/Originally for Special Needs Only)

Public / Book as Guest Facilitator /

Ocean, Monmouth, Mercer, NJ

Day Circle Workshops

These are themed, spiritual events which include percussion. Themes are derived from the result of shamanic practice, and they may include drums, small percussion, meditation, imagery and movement ritual, teachings, readings and discussions, listening, and more.

**Available for Ocean, Monmouth, and Mercer Counties***

If you are a facility host, Inquire to learn about our  current themes, fees, and terms of service. It's easy-peasy!


Something for You

No Rings
and Other Things

Drum Circle Etiquette

Drum circle etiquette varies a little bit from circle to circle, but some details are standard.  Feel free to download this comprehensive flier. You may print and share it as long as you don't alter it. Thanks for that.

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