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Thank you for considering payment. Support-This-Work Payments are optional and non-refundable, and they support existing work.

During trial start-up years, your support helps us to know what you value, and it helps to keep relevant materials available to you. Rather than charging a fee for service, Earth-Intern can now use the honor system and allow you to choose if you'd pay for it. If you choose to pay again another time, new payments can be accepted after one month.

You may continue to use the site with or without payment!

You are supporting the work of a special-needs, caregiving mom (a *very* small business) who is delightfully working to bring you empowerment solutions through a different lens. Your patronage is appreciated! THANK YOU!

Your contribution is not tax deductible. Site/User Terms

  • Support This Work

    One Time Voluntary Fee for Site Use
    Valid for one month
    • Choose if you'd like to send gratuity for free services.
    • Choose to support website growth and learning options.
    • No add'l service nor access is included w/ this payment.
  • Big Time Supporter

    One Time Voluntary Fee, But More
    Valid for one month
    • Choose for all the same reasons as Support This Work
    • No additional services included.
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