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Autumn '23 Newsletter

Gratitude Shout-Outs

Drum Garden Workshops Have Officially Begun!

-Special Needs Teens & Adults-

Photos from PCTR

Having been given the opportunity to facilitate my first organized drum and percussion workshop, I want to now take a moment to express some gratitude.

First, thanks to my stepmother, Linda, for funding most of my percussion-stuff start-up! Thanks to family and roadies, especially because I have not aquired a van for this just yet.

Thanks to The Presbyterian Church of Toms River/Fun Night for allowing me to join in your special needs ministry on November 10th. You’ve done so much for our daughter over the years. It was great to bring some fun.

We did a short drum session each, for 3 separate groups, and each group was able to learn about the basics of djembe (and Tubano) and to play at least 3 rhythm games! Since the special needs fun night was centered on preparing celebration packages to donate to The House of Hope in Toms River, I customized two rhythm games to celebrate both individuality as well as community. I absolutely loved hearing the rhythms that were shared.

I also want to thank Jim Donovan (Jim Donovan Trainings) for his Drumming & Disabilities Training and for his insightful feedback. His program seriously prepared me and equipped me to facilitate the 3 completely different groups that sat in my circle on the 10th. I'm extra excitied about doing workshops in the coming year because of this training.

(Note that with the exception of one possibility, Drum Garden Workshops are hibernating now - until Spring '24.)

Shout out to local drum circle communities, and to all the cool drum folk connections who have helped with equipment and know-how. I’ve relaxed a whole lot since I first met you guys!


--Here's What's New Online--

New Course, and Discussion Posts Added...

The ME Program (Meditation & Empowerment) is an online, partial fundraiser for Fulfill of Monmouth and Ocean.

While you learn self empowerment, 10% of your subscription helps to empower the community.

This month, ME102: Meditation for Deeper Purpose and Equanimity has been added to the available list of courses and classes. I threw in some original meditation music too. (It is highly recommended to take ME101 before ME102.)

In addition, public discussion posts (relevant to The ME Program) are now being added and will be available this Autumn. The reason for the public discussion is so that subscribers may unsubscribe (discontinue monthy auto-renewal) and resubscribe as needed - without being cut from discussions and continuing progress. Links to each discussion appear within the course modules for easy-finding.

As a reminder, one month is currently $12 2023 price, you get access to all available courses and classes, and you may cancel your auto-renewal at any time. Using the material is as easy as scrolling! Our start-up year is a good time to try it out.

Currently Available: Meditation 101 Course, Meditation 102 Course, and Letting Go Class

(Check out The ME Program and View all Syllabi here.)


New Page Added...

The Drum Garden Resource Page

is created for our Drum Garden Workshop participants. I thought to myself, "What if somebody discovers that they love drums?"

There are some local listings on there for those who want to continue (beyond Drum Garden) their pursuit of percussion. I’ve also begun a percussion photo-library with tidbits about drums and more, and I began an educational, yet slightly comedic YouTube playlist for our teens and adults to enjoy. So yes, it is supposed to be just a little funny!

There’s even info on how to go about planning for your first public drum circle, and there’s info on the benefits of drumming.

I will continue to build on this page.

Thanks to Touch Mother Earth Nonprofit, to Mosaic Music Therapy, and to Greg Hochman of for allowing me to list you as resources of interest on the Drum Garden Resource Page.

(Visit the Page and All Resources here.)


--Coming Soon--

New Book

I’m excited to be working with an illustrator for the cover of my latest book, The Lightning Project; Writings on Personal Shamanism. While the book uses my own shamanic experiences and perspective as an example, the purpose of the book is “to inspire your personal truthful expression.” And so, I hope it will be enjoyable and insightful for everyone/anyone.

Side Note: If you’re interested in reading The Lightning Project when it comes out, you may also be interested in my published book, Dream Fables for Transformation; 12 Extraordinary Dreams Mindfully Translated, which is available on Amazon. It includes my real dreams and altered states, it is short and inexpensive, and it gives you much to journal about or to discuss in a spiritual or philosophical group should you choose. While these books are not part of a series, Dream Fables may be a good starter for anyone new to exploring dreams, states of consciousness, shamanism, and (cognitive) mindfulness. Also, Autumn and Winter are great introspective seasons for working with dreams!


I will likely be doing seasonal newsletters as opposed to monthly ones from now on.

I hope you have an enjoyable and healthy Autumn season!

-Sue George

Healing Arts Instructor/ Facilitator

I'm a spiritual healing arts practitioner with certifications in life coaching, cognitive mindfulness, meditation, and interspiritual counseling & lightwork. Drums are involved! My lifestyle and concentration is deeply and wonderfully shamanic. All my arts revolve around wholeness and personal expression. You can read more about me here.

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