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Letting Go, Feedback & Review Section

A Class in The Free Stress Reduction & Empowerment Series (Pages)

Congrats on tackling Letting Go! If you haven't yet heard, this class is now free (along with Meditation 101 and Meditation 102), and you don't even need to sign in to use it.

Once you've finished the class practices after giving them a good go, you can use this post to comment about your progress, to ask for help and get instructor feedback, or to give a review.

Here are a few recaps from the class to give you ideas for your comments:

  • Detachment Soup

  • Your Power; Their Power

  • Your Cleansing Mantra

  • The Namaste Ritual for Letting Go (Movement & Imagery)

(Comments will be monitored. It may take a few days for your comment to appear, and some comments may not appear. Please be respectful to commentors and to instructor. Do not post personal identifiers; Posts and comments are public. The Stress Reduction & Empowerment Series Pages were formerly known as The ME Program, which was a partial fundraiser. Terms of Use)

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