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Listening and Healing Inspiration

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

In lieu of an October newsletter, an inspirational thought...

My body suddenly decided to attack me recently with bilateral sciatica, arthritis, and more. This morning after getting my daughter off to school, I sat and moped. Is this how it ends? Is it all down hill from here? I was in so much pain. Normal human reaction, yes. But, it doesn’t have to be.

As I sat there in give-up mode, I realized that a song had been playing in my head for a while. It was faint - as if coming through a window from outside. It was so faint and unobtrusive that I dismissed it for probably 20 minutes.

I stopped ruminating on pain, and I listened more closely. “Don’t.. stop.. thinkin’ about tomorrow…”

It was the Fleetwood Mac song, Don't Stop. Goofy as this might sound, the song has more significance to me than just being a “keep going” song. You see, I was scared to death of water as a kid. I was particularly scared of ocean waves.

My cousins were all good swimmers, and I think two were lifeguards. One cousin took me by both hands into the ocean waves one day. She said, “Sing this song with me, Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow…” We sang louder whenever a wave approached. I was scared, but it was also funny. And she explained that just because I’m afraid of the waves right now, that doesn’t mean I’ll be afraid of them tomorrow. The only way to know this though, is to be in the waves - and survive them. (I turned into a total fish that Summer.)

©2023 Susan George Island Beach State Park NJ

Anyway, I heard the song in my head this morning, and I knew what it meant to me. I’m in a big wave. So what? I laughed at myself. I got up with no pain and took a shower. I ate. Then I took my prescriptions because I know it’s going to take more than one wholeness moment to fix this body. But I’m better. I'm better than earlier this morning.

Whether you call it shamanism, Self, God, or something else, take a quiet minute to really hear it. Chances are, you’re being helped. But that help is unobtrusive. It won’t overpower you or make choices for you. It honors your personal choices. Choice is your job.

You’ve got this.

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