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The Horse and The Whale (Spiritual Medicine Music)

Listen to a spiritual transformation story told with music, but also explained in words first.

Have you ever felt like you look unstable while knowing that you're not really unstable, but you just grow at a very rapid pace? If you are a spiritual seeker, my guess is that you can relate. Spiritual seekers, whether religious or non-religious, tend to find what we seek when we seek to grow. And, growth can be mistaken for instability by onlookers because we may look as though we're always changing our minds. But rather than changing our minds, we allow our minds to be "worked on" for our own betterment.

There's a big difference between being indecisive and unresolved, and just being resolved to grow! And it's okay if growth is a little messy. That's how you know not to stop.

It can look messy sometimes. In the same way a foal stumbles on it's own legs when learning to walk, we can stumble around until we get our bearings, and each new plateau requires us to get our bearing - once again!

The Horse and The Whale is a piece of music that tells a story of what the spiritual growth process can be like. It originated as a shamanic vision, and here is what to listen for when you hear the music...

Whale calls to Horse, and Horse responds with urgency and longing, desperately trying to reach Whale out in the water. Together they dance, Horse from the shoreline and Whale from the sea, until they somehow begin dancing forehead-to-forehead in a space that is safe for both of them.

They begin to merge, and Horse begins feeling euphoric and free - now that Whale is a part of it.

Whale encourages Horse to dance right away - now that Whale is inside Horse's heart. (This realization, that Horse is not separate from Whale, must be "activated" for it to "take." We know this because expression maintains healing knowledge.)

Horse begins dancing and is clumsy in the beginning, almost giving up. But Whale gently accompanies Horse and reassures it, until Horse finds its own rhythm, knowing that everything it does - it does with Whale.

Whale finally backs away, knowing that Horse no longer needs to visually see it because it (Whale) is held in Horse's heart.

Horse dances on, cementing the truth of Whale into it's heart, forever.

I hope you enjoy this pure and sweet love story. (Remember that Horse almost gives up. Listen until the real end!) Comments and questions welcome.


Please use headphones due to "real" percussion instruments, which will sound crappy without those headphones. More about the instruments below the video.

Instruments Used in The Horse and the Whale: Synth/Digital, Metal ©Toca Djembe, ©Pearl Hip Snare, Some Sneaky Vocals (All bass and drum sounds are real djembe and snare.)

About Earth Intern's Medicine Music/Terms

Downloads may be available in 2025. Your feedback is appreciated.



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