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Ticketed Events Announcement

We are on Eventbrite!

Dear "Local" Subscribers,

Please know that we're having a go at ticketed spiritual and wellness workshops. Tickets can be purchased on Eventbrite, and tickets for our first (restart) event will be for sale beginning 8am on April 15th. Please follow our Eventbrite page!

Earth Intern began by offering free wellness workshops to our special communities, and we're still doing it! Your ticket purchases and reviews can help us continue this service.

Please consider sending a review if you've enjoyed and benefitted from Earth Intern's healing arts.

Click the image below to learn more or to look for tickets.

Thank you! -Sue

Susan George/Earth Intern in Studio, Wellness and Spiritual Workshops, Ticketed
Ticketed, Spiritual and Wellness Workshops on Eventbrite by Earth Intern

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