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Rhythm Group

Drum & Percussion Discovery Workshop

for Special Abilities

Teens & Adults

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The "ME"

Meditation & Empowerment


Autumn 2023

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Dream Fables for Transformation; 12 Extraordinary Dreams Mindfully Translated

-Published July 2020-

Using altered states of consciousness combined with cognitive mindfulness, this short book of stories includes thought-prompts and is great for small, spiritual or philosophical group discussion!


The Lightning Project; Writings on Personal Shamanism

-Book Launch in Fall 2023-

Promotes insight into shamanism, as well as the importance

of finding one's own, true self-expression - whether or not one practices shamanism!




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Sue George CMMP, CMT, CLC, MML

I live in a way that I never thought possible.


If someone would have suggested to me that living free of trauma and imposter syndrome was possible, I would not have believed them.  Now, I caution others not to give too much power and permanency to such disempowering feelings and personal beliefs.


If someone suggested that radical self-care would lead to greater love for community, I might not have believed that either. Some things need to be experienced to be understood, but all those

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Sue George, Playing Djembe
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