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Introductory Resources

New to Taking Back Your Power?
Try the Stress Reduction and Empowerment Series.


Detachment Soup, Namaste Ritual for Releasing, and More

Beginner Stress Reduction

& Empowerment Series


Body & Breath Awareness, Body Scan and Deep Relaxation,  Heart and Gratitude, Emotions and Non-Judgment, Loving Kindness, more

Beginner Stress Reduction & Empowerment Series


Truth Seeking, Transformational Beliefs, Equanimity, Zen, Sensory Observation, more

Beginner Stress Reduction & Empowerment Series

Formerly known as The ME Program (Mediation & Empowerment)

More for Lifestyle & Continued Exploration

Spiritual Books (2)


"Earth Rhythm"
Percussion Workshops

Options have changed in 2024!


Earth Rhythm Percussion is now an umbrella term

for all local (NJ) workshop options.

Welcome to Earth Intern!

Sue George CMMP, CMT, CLC, MML

I live in a way that I never thought possible.


If someone would have suggested to me that living free of trauma and imposter syndrome was possible, I would not have believed them.  Now, I caution others not to give too much power and permanency to such disempowering feelings and personal beliefs.


If someone suggested that radical self-care would lead to greater love for community, I might not have believed that either. Some things need to be experienced to be understood, but all those.


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Sue George, Playing Djembe
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