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Winter '24 Newsletter

Updated: Jan 24

Gratitude Shout-Outs

The Lightning Project; Writings on Personal Shamanism

-Book Release Announcement-

I want to take a moment to thank my family for microwaving meals, to thank my spirit partners, and also to thank my human cohorts who have been gracious with me (and my questions and tweaks) over the past several months. Writing this level of non-fiction was new for me, and I'm still quite green! (I even persistently chased down a couple of people from NOAA to ask for permission to use an article excerpt - an article that's in the public domain! Oops. Well, I made potential new friends. NOAA is referenced in the book notes.)

Many years ago, I went "blank slate." (You can read about that in the book.) Through internet searches on "all things that have to do with me," I discovered shamanism.

Fast-forward to 2023: I began the 11-month endeavor on The Lightning Project; Writings on Personal Shamanism immediately after finishing a little over a year of shamanic mentorship for personal healing. When the program was finished, I knew that I needed "to finish some more" with a study paper of sorts - on my own. I had no idea what it would mean to me nor of what I'd learn. I just knew that I wasn't done with "something."

I could not accurately bring the book's themes and sub-themes to you without also drawing inspiration from some humans (mentioned in the book) who have been inspirational throughout my journey. Thank you to my friend, Dana, and to my mentor, Kimba, for getting me back on "my" right path! I could not have begun this without both of you.

Description: "From the perspective and life of a special-needs mom, this non-fiction and creative-writing work details the author's experience of personal truth and the expression of that truth as being essential to her shamanic practice for self-healing.

It is divided into four sections which feature different types of writing - including the author's journal in which she intentionally partnered with The Spirits to bring a message to readers. There, the author documents her altered states of consciousness and the interpretations of what is experienced. It is perhaps the journey to North's Chimney that ties the whole book together. However, readers will enjoy continuity of theme, and of sub-themes, throughout.

While the author's personal transformation and maintenance of wellness through expression is the main tool for inspiration, readers will gain plenty of introductory knowledge to shamanism as well as suggestions for pursuing shamanism - should it be a desired pursuit. However, the author recognizes that not everyone will be choosing shamanic practice for themselves, so the book is intended for anyone (of any practice) to be able to draw inspiration."

Note: It may take 10-14 days from release for Amazon's Look Inside the Book feature to work. Hardcover option will be available within a few days. Softcover is available now (1/21/24).

Follow for Updates, and Purchase on Amazon Here


You may also be interested in my 2020 publication:

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--Available On

The ME Program

The ME Program (Meditation & Empowerment) is an online, partial fundraiser for Fulfill of Monmouth and Ocean.

While you learn self empowerment, 10% of your subscription helps to empower the community.

Currently Available: Meditation 101 Course, Meditation 102 Course, and Letting Go Class

(Check out The ME Program and View all Syllabi here.)


--Wanted: Facilities & Groups for Weekday Drum Garden--

Drum Garden Workshop facilities are wanted for bookings in Spring-Summer. Find out if you

are a facility that meets the criteria by visiting my Home Page, and reach out! I can do several, but only several in a year. Tentative booking begins now, and this service is a huge joy!

Let's go, Festival Season! Haha!

Note: Drum Garden is fun and social. There is no organized "spiritual" element to this service.


--Wanted, More Weekday Spaces for Spring & Summer--

Reach-out if you're renting your Ocean County facility!

(Yoga studios, community centers, etc.)

Talks on The Lightning Project; Writings on Personal Shamanism included!


Healing Arts Instructor/ Facilitator

I'm a spiritual healing arts practitioner with certifications in life coaching, cognitive mindfulness, meditation, and interspiritual counseling & lightwork. Drums are involved! My lifestyle and concentration is deeply and wonderfully shamanic. All my arts revolve around wholeness and personal expression. You can read more about me here.

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