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Earth Intern Healing Arts

Earth Intern holds to the shamanic understanding that we are each an integral part of our Earth, that our true selves are always whole and well, and that the knowledge and expression of our true selves heals and helps us maintain our awareness of these truths.

The goals of Earth Intern are spiritual and down-to-earth. The intention is to be an interspiritual source accompanying seekers on their journey to knowledge of wholeness and belonging, and also to be a practical help - recognizing that everyday needs (critical or recreational) are just as important as long-term personal goals. Earth Intern works from local community - outward, believing that the health of "inner circles first" is most sustainable.

Though the result of a shamanic path is what guides this endeavor, a shamanic path is not "pitched" as a necessary path for everyone, and all peaceful paths and identities are welcome. This is an interspiritual space (online and mobile) which recognizes unique and individual spiritual journeys. Here, spirituality is simply defined as that which one claims to give them meaning and value - and as the expression of one's meaning and value.

"It (spirituality) is inclusive, it can include both religious and non-religious modes, and it trusts and honors a person's word about their own experience. Spirituality is that which gives a person meaning and value, and is it the way that one expresses their meaning and value. To honor the experience of another's meaning and value is probably one of the best things anyone can do for another person. It is the protection of whatever a person likely understands to be preserving their life. It's their reason for living their "livable identity!"" -Susan L George in The Lightning Project; Writings on Personal Shamanism 

Sue George MML, CMMP, CMT, CLC


I live in a way that I never thought possible.


If someone would have suggested to me that living free of trauma and imposter syndrome was possible, I would not have believed them.  Now, I caution others not to give too much power and permanency to such disempowering feelings and personal beliefs.


If someone suggested that radical self-care would lead to greater love for community, I might not have believed that either. Some things need to be experienced to be understood, but all those good things are possible. We can only find out though if we choose to keep going, and in this, we can be an encouragement to each other!

I found my method of understanding my wholeness and my value in this world, and it is connected to YOU. As the founder of Earth Intern, I hope to inspire you along your unique journey to wholeness, and to be a provider of self-healing insight. Though our paths might look very different, I bet that many of our goals are similar enough!


I'm a spiritual healing arts practitioner with certifications in life coaching, cognitive mindfulness, meditation, and interspiritual counseling & lightwork. My lifestyle and concentration is deeply and wonderfully shamanic. All my arts revolve around wholeness and personal expression.


I raised four kids in Toms River. I'm part of the greater parents-of-special-abilities community. Being a special needs mom with a very small business,  do what I can, when I can! I enjoy my work. I love hearing personal stories, laughing, drumming, writing, hiking, kayaking, gouache painting, photography, and too much to mention!

I'm happy that you're here.


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