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Spiritual Growth & Development Books
by Susan L George

Great care is taken to both reflect truthful author voice and spiritual modality as well as  the validation of spiritual modalities within a wide audience.  (Though topics may be specific, all books are interspiritual and validate the chosen paths of others.)

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The Lightning Project;

Writings on Personal Shamanism (2024)

Readers do not need an interest in pursuing shamanism to benefit from this book! In fact, it first considers local community, including those who will not be pursuing shamanism at all.


Written to inspire personal truth and expression, it is for anyone who desires to know themselves "beyond all that changes." However, those who do practice and have read dozens of books on shamanism will find this one unique, and it may fill in some blanks as to what's missing in their practice!


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Dream Fables for Transformation;

12 Extraordinary Dreams Mindfully Translated (2020)

What's the benefit of understanding mindfulness - a concept that has it's roots in every ancient spiritual book? We can learn to interpret daily life, and even dreams, from a healing perspective when we use it!

Written to inspire anyone of any background, this book turns real dreams and visions into easy to understand fables. It includes a commentary for each fable, and there are even journaling prompts - making it useful as a  devotional or for group activity.


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