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Learn Empowerment - on Your Time

Meditation & Empowerment (ME) Program

Session Runs Oct through February/Limited Enrollment: Local Patrons First
Self-Paced, Instructor Feedback Optional/Not Required

Confirmation emails to "sign-ups" go out Oct. 1st. Confirmations close for the season on Oct. 8th.
Any remaining spots will be offered to the general public on Oct 9th.
We are wired for meditation. It is our greatest resource for self-help, and by helping ourselves, we can better help others! Here, you can learn how "normal" breathe awareness, meditation, and ritual can be.
You have an innate ability. We'd love to help you activate it!
Free / Public Access

Letting Go

Includes Movement Ritual 
and Intro to Meditation 101

Detachment Soup, Namaste Ritual for Releasing, Motivation to Breathe (Video Talk), and More
Access w/ Sign-Up


Body & Breath Awareness, Body Scan and Deep Relaxation,  Heart and Gratitude, Emotions and Non-Judgment, Loving Kindness, more
Access w/ Sign-Up


Truth Seeking, Transformational Beliefs, Equanimity, Zen, Sensory Observation, more
Access w/ Sign-Up

Optional 1:1 Feedback

Zoom Session

Request Form
for up to 40min Session
Floating illuminated lotus lantern on a lake in Vietnam

The mechanics of meditation are natural, they involve slight changes in consciousness, and we all engage in changes in consciousness.

A runner, a musician, an artist, a gardener, a student, somebody who sleeps and wakes up… What I mean is that meditation is not strange, and it certainly shouldn’t be feared.

But to practice meditation is to intentionally follow steps toward a specific and desired outcome.

This is done by first understanding a strong foundation through the use of breath - to control the body's stress response, by letting go of self-judgment, by using imagery, and by understanding the three phases of meditation.

These things and more lead to successful meditation. 

Meditation & Empowerment Program Details

Note: This program began as a partial fundraiser for local communities. Though the fundraiser has ended, you are welcome to view the announcement post which is inspirational and provides lots of insight to the importance and usefulness of meditation.  View Post: Why It Makes Sense to Point an Empowerment Program to Hunger Relief




Enrolled students receive login information in email. Please check your email for your login instructions. (You cannot login from this page. )


Enrolled students will only recive e-mail if there is an important message regarding The ME Program. Enrolled students are not "subscribed" to receive blog posts and newsletters. To be on the mailing list, you must subscribe HERE.


In continued effort to support the wellbeing of local community and the health of inner-circles first, this service is available to our local event patrons and hosts, and also to distant collaborators. If there is still available space, those spaces will be opened through invitation to the general public (USA). Please follow our public posts on FB to know if/when those additional spaces become available!


Workshop Participant Sign-Ups & Fees

An opportunity to sign-up for this program is provided at our local workshop events - if permitted by the organizer/host.

Please note that Drum Garden participants who have signed up may access the self-paced program materials for free. (Drum Garden is part of Earth Intern's service to special communities and non-profit organizations.) 


All other workshop participants who have signed up may also access it for a $25 one-time fee. (That boils down to only $5/month (from October through the entire month of February ). 


Structure & Options

All students may work at their own pace by simply scrolling texts, and by clicking links and audio or video content. PDF tips and reminders are available for download.  Most material is meant to be practiced more than once.


Instructor feedback via Zoom is optional, depends on availability, and is not included in order to help keep costs low. Feedback is not guaranteed. If a student would like to schedule a Zoom meeting, the fee is $15 for up to 40 minutes. However, the material is designed to work for each student when the suggestions are followed. Please give yourself a chance to experience your own power and see what you can do on your own before requesting 1:1 feedback! You're powerful! Go for the reward! 

Privacy, Preview, Refunds, Conditions, Other Details

Name and email is collected at sign-up, potential students are emailed and asked to confirm, and students pay for this program during sign-up confirmation week in October(Those who signed up do not have to enroll of course!) Any spots still available after sign-up weeks will be offered to the general public via FB post. To protect privacy, there is no online forum nor community for this program. Purchase of program access is a private, seasonal purchase. Access is a privilege and not a right. If access is revoked, a 50% refund will be issued. No refunds are otherwise issued. Potential students may view the entire Letting Go Class, which includes an introduction to Meditation 101. Once signed in to the full program, students may access all program materials. For these reasons, there are no general refunds. New (additional) courses and classes may be added in subsequent years. Students of this program are encouraged to work at a decent pace, so that they can practice each model as recommended. The time needed to access all material may differ from person to person. Some may finish before others. However, students are encouraged to simply make personal progress and not be concerned about finishing. Further, the material can be used over and over until the program season ends. (If you need extra time due to circumstances, please reach out.) The following information is always available at the bottom of all pages: Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Cookies.


Your satisfaction is important! If you have any questions or issues, please always reach out here... Contact .

Don't forget to follow public posts on our FB profile
to know if/when spaces become available.
Thank you!

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